Definitions for "Kts"
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Key Telephone Systems
A telephone system that enables a user to directly access outgoing and incoming central office (CO) facilities by simply pushing a button or "key" on a telephone — unlike a private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system, in which this access can to be achieved by dialing an access code. A key telephone set is characterized by having multiple line buttons, a "hold" button and at least one button dedicated for making internal, station-to-station (intercom) calls. Hold and intercom buttons are typically used to place a call on hold so that the call can be "announced" over the intercom line before being distributed to the person for whom the call is intended. See CO and PBX.
Key Telephone System, terminals and equipment that provide immediate access from all terminals to a variety of telephone services without attendant assistance.
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Khalsa Trin Sell Khalsa_PC1
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An abbreviation for knots. A measurement of speed; one knot is slightly faster than one mile an hour. Last call Last visit of the season to a station by a ship.
Knots; nautical miles per hour (= 1.852 km/h; 1.151 statue mile/hour)
Kodiak Tracking Station RF Radio Frequency
see KSU. Kilobit (Kb) - 1) In terms of data transfer, one kilobit per second (Kbps) refers to 1,000 bits of information transferred per second. A 56 Kbps (or, in standard usage, 56 K) modem then, is theoretically capable of handling up to 56,000 bits of data per second. 2) In relation to data storage, one kilobit is exactly equal to 1,024 bits of stored data.