Definitions for "Dial Plan"
a numbering plan for the voice-enabled network
A dial plan allows you to place local and international calls using the dialing conventions with which you are familiar. Your dial plan was set when your account was created. All you need to do is dial as you normally would.
In traditional telephony systems, a dial plan is a front end system that allows users to call each other by dialing a number on a telephone. In voice and videoconferencing over IP, a dial plan is a system that allows participants in point-to-point or multipoint conferences to call each other or join conferences. The RADVISION ECS Dial Plan provides "configuration tools" which allow network administrators to build am IP dial plan that suits the requirements of their organization and network.
Keywords:  sip, entered, rules, complete, address
a set of rules used for determining whether a complete set of numbers has been entered for the IP address of SIP server