Definitions for "SPiD"
Service Profile Identifier. An identifying numerical string, which is assigned by the telco to each B-Channel on a BRI line in North America, configured for multipoint service [including National ISDN-1 lines and DMS-100 lines]. The number is often arbitrary, yet for the ISDN equipment to work properly, it’s SPID configuration must match that configured in the telco switch. Recently, most telcos have standardized on a format of NPA-NXX-XXXX-0101.
Service Providers ID
This is a unique identifier that an ISDN provider's ISDN switch uses to identify ISDN clients. SPIDs are often similar in format to a phone number, but vary between ISDN providers.
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SPiD is a picture displayer and gallery management written in PHP. It uses MySQL and GD , with a complete admin tool to scan directory for pictures import, user comments, rating, sorting, localisation, skinning, ZIP upload...