Definitions for "MTA"
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(Major Trading Area) An area that includes more than two basic trading areas, which are geographic areas that generally cover a city and its surrounding area and is bound by county lines. These are defined by Rand McNally and used by the FCC. The US has 51 MTAs.
Military training area
Military-Technical Agreement
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Message Transfer Agent. A program responsible for receiving incoming messages and routing the messages to individual users.
Mail Transfer Agent - a tool to send mail to other users or mail servers, e.g. Mozilla, Outlook (Express). Sendmail can be a MTA too if it acts as client.
Message Transfer Agent. A specialized program for routing and delivering messages. MTAs work together to transfer messages and deliver them to the intended recipient. The MTA determines whether a message is delivered to the local message store or routed to another MTA for remote delivery.
Maritime Transport Act 1994 (NZ)
Military Transport Aircraft
Multi-role Transport Aircraft
Multimedia Terminal Adapter. The device in a PacketCable network that connects the subscriber equipment (such as a telephone) to the network.
Multimedia Terminal Adapter A device that connects a traditional telephone to a cable line, converting analog voice to digital signals.
A hardware device that interfaces standard analog phones to an IP network providing analog voice, analog fax, and telephony modem connection over an IP communications network. On the user side, the MTA provides multiple telephone line ports. Each telephone line port interfaces to standard analog touch-tone devices. The MTA originates or terminates voice/fax telephone calls at its telephone interface ports.
Mercato Telematico Azionario
etropolitan ransportation uthority.
Short for Maximum Time Aloft, a boomerang designed to stay in the air for as long as possible. Thin and light, and typically markedly asymmetrical with two wings, they are one of the hardest types of boomerang to create, tune and throw well. They do not necessarily return to the same spot they were thrown from.
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Mealtime Assistant
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Muslim Television Ahmadiyya
Master Timing Assembly SCD Subcarrier Discriminator
Musculoskeletal disorder
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A program that transmits email within networks (such as an intranet of a company).
Email services such as those that use POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols. Different MTAs are used to send and receive email to and from other servers.
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An index based upon the average of the previous twelve months, published, T-Bill rate.
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see Minimum Terms Agreement. X Y Z
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Moving time average