Definitions for "CBD"
Central Business District. An area of intense commercial development in the center of the City.
Central Business Districts
Central Business District : in north-american type cities, downtown mostly devoted to office space housed in skyscrapers.
Confederaç ã o Brasileira de Desportos
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ertified athroom esigner
The Convention on Biodiversity. This is a Multilateral Environmental Agreement (MEA) that is considered to be related to some of the areas of work of the WTO. The relationship between the CBD and other MEAs and the WTO rules are a controversial area of international law. Controversy exists because of their apparent incompatibility.
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Chronic Beryllium Disease.
"C-band Direct" (broadcast). Proposed name for a formalized home TVRO system in the US.
Chemical/Biological Defense
Convention on Biological Diversity
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Certified Bathroom Designer
Community-based delivery
CASH BEFORE DELIVERY. Seller assumes no risk and extends no credit because payment is received before shipment.
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Component-based development.
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Component-Based Design