Definitions for "Urban Area"
Urban areas have minimum population concentrations of 1 000 and a population density of at least 400 per square kilometre, based on the previous census population counts. All territory outside urban areas is considered rural. Taken together, urban and rural areas cover all of Canada. (Source: 1996 Census Dictionary, Statistics Canada)
Geographic area with a population of 2,500 or more. The number of people used in this definition may vary, with some countries setting the minimum number of people at 10,000-50,000.
An area having a Center City population of 50,000 or more as defined by the 1990 US Census; may also include other major population concentrations where a systems planning study is deemed necessary.
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an obstacle to fast paced cross-country tracked movement because the close spacing of the building restrict movement
an obstacle to tactical maneuver, and in that respect the hasty attack in MOUT is conducted somewhat differently than in open terrain
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Urban Renewal
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a more appropriate term
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