Definitions for "hinterland"
Keywords:  inland, tributary, coast, lying, port
a remote and undeveloped area; originally, the land or region lying behind the coast district. The term is used esp. with reference to the so-called doctrine of the hinterland, sometimes advanced, that occupation of the coast supports a claim to an exclusive right to occupy, from time to time, the territory lying inland of the coast.
The area served by feeder service from a certain port.
The inland area served by a certain port.
Hinterland was the second album released by the musician / DJ, Aim.
Hinterland is a band from Vancouver, Canada. Hinterland's music is best described as dreampop/shoegaze/New Wave with soaring, ethereal vocals, and is currently released by Submerged Records. Hinterland's latest album The Picture Plane (released February 2006) spent three months in the Canadian college radio top 50.