Definitions for "RSA"
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A public-key encryption technology created by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman of RSA Data Security, Inc. The key has two parts, one private and one public. Both parts are required for decryption. The RSA algorithm takes into account the inefficiency of factoring very large numbers. Therefore, decrypting an RSA key requires e enormous amounts of time and computer processing power. Used in Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and other applications that require industrial-strength encryption, the RSA algorithm has become a standard, especially for data sent over the Internet.
Encryption Scheme
RSA is a public-key encryption and digital signature algorithm.
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Radiological Storage Area
Royal Sun Alliance a
Royal Society for the Arts
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Réseau du Sport de l'Air (France)
Réseau du Sport de l'Air; French EAA
Retirement Systems of Alabama
Retirement Savings Account. A special type of superannuation product generally provided by banks which is not required to have a trustee. See section 8 of the Retirement Savings Accounts Act 1997
Retirement savings account. A superannuation account maintained solely for retirement income purposes. RSA's are portable, owned and controlled by the member and capital guaranteed. The balance of the account cannot be reduced by the crediting of any negative interest or earnings or reduced by changes in the market value of assets but may be reduced by fees and charges. A RSA is usually offered by banks, building societies, credit unions and life insurance companies.
( abbrev). An abbreviation for Resplit Aces.
Shorthand for “Resplit Aces.
Re-splitting Aces is allowed.
A daughter of Krodhavasa and wife of Pulaha. Had five daughters after whom came of Mina gana
Regional Selective Assistance in the assisted areas - a job related assistance scheme operated under Section 7 of the Industrial Development Act 1982
Regional Specialty Advisers. College appointees; Consultant Physicians with a responsibility for specialty training matters in the region/deanery. Usually acts as Chair of the STC.
Regional Security Assessments
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Ridley Scott Associates
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Rapid serum agglutination
Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion.
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Revised Statutes Annotated
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Runner Steal Attempts
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Railway Safety Act
Runway Safety Area
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Republic of South Africa
Rubberstamp addressed. Refers to the method of addressing a cover.
Reimbursable Service Agreement. An agreement or contract between two state agencies (or between appropriations within one agency) where one agency provides a service and the other agency pays for the service. An RSA is allowed only when the requesting agency does not have the skills, expertise, or capability to carry out the necessary work or service.
Russian Space Agency
Returned Services Association
Repair Service Attendant
Rehabilitation Services Administration
(Regular Student Assistant): A program that provides jobs for students with no financial need. Students earn money to help pay educational and/or personal expenses. A RSA will not have federal work-study.
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Reservations Sales Agent
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See rate-sensitive assets.
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Resource Sharing Agreement