Definitions for "mina"
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A desert location approximately three miles east of Makkah where several rites of Hajj are performed.
A place five miles from Makkah and approximately ten miles from 'Arafat. An essential place to visit during the Hajj.
A small town three miles from Makkah, which is the site of special ceremonies performed by the Hajj pilgrims.
An ancient weight or denomination of money, of varying value. The Attic mina was valued at a hundred drachmas.
Monetary unit worth 100 drakhmas.
denomination of money corresponding to 100 drachmas
Mina is a fictional character from the Dragonlance universe. She is a human female. Mina is first found by a fisherman, washed up on the shores of Schallsea, at age nine.
Mina, the stage name of Anna Mina Mazzini (born March 25, 1940), is a popular Italian singer. She currently lives in Switzerland.
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See Myna.
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Mina was a 20-episode South Korean drama broadcast by KBS in 2001.
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tropical Asian starlings
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everyone, everybody: mina-san is the polite form
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She was daughter of Rsa, who gave birth to fishes
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A measure of weight; about a pound