Definitions for "Erf"
A factor applied to the basic benefit if a member retires before requirements for an unreduced retirement have been met.
Eligible Rollover Fund. A fund to which the benefits of lost members are transferred. Members are able to reclaim these benefits.
Eligble Rollover Fund. A fund that is eligible to receive benefits automatically rolled over from other funds. After a member leaves the Qantas Group, the Plan will rollover the member’s benefit to the ERF if no instructions are given within 90 days of the member leaving the Qantas Group.
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ERF is a British truck manufacturer established in 1933 by Edwin Richard Foden, who had left Foden - the company founded by his father - because he believed the future lay in diesel rather than steam power. The trucks are now re-badged MAN AG models with the option of specifying a Cummins engine.
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Extended Rotation Forests. Forest stands for which the harvest age is increased beyond the optimum economic harvest age [e.g., increasing the harvest age of an aspen stand from 40 years (i.e., the "normal" economic harvest age for aspen on most sites) to 50 or 60 years] to provide larger trees, wildlife habitat, and other non-timber values. Additional detail on the management of ERF on DNR-administered lands are contained in DNR Extended Rotation Forest Guidelines (1994).
Evaluation Report Form completed by the grantee at the conclusion of a grant contract period.
Employment Requisition Form. Document completed by the hiring department and submitted to Staffing and Compensation to initiate recruitment for a vacant position. If it is a new vacancy or a replacement with significant changes in duties, the hiring department should also complete and submit a job description so the position can be classified.
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eukaryotic release factor
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A garden plot, usually about half an acre.
The error function involved in integrating the normal distribution.
Abbreviation for for error function. Same as probability integral.
Environmental Research Foundation