Definitions for "MFR"
A stringent capital requirement which required that pension fund liabilities are 100% funded. If the pension fund falls below this level the deficit must be remedied within five years. In the case of falling below 90% this must be remedied within one year. The implementation started to effect the Gilt market as long ago as 1997 by forcing pension funds to hold a large proportion of their assets in Gilts. In 2001 – after it was reviewed in the Myners Report – the Treasury announced that it would be abolished. As of yet it has only been modified since the legislation required to abolish it has not yet been passed by Government.
Minimum Funding Requirement.. A minimum funding standard that applies to final salary pension schemes. Regulations detail the assumptions to be used in the calculations. If a scheme fails to meet the MFR, action must be taken to restore the funding level within a specified timescale.
Minimum Funding Requirement" & _ " Provides some protection for members of occupational pension schemes. MFR requires companies to maintain a minimum level of funding to ensure that members can be paid if the scheme or company winds up, although employees are not necessarily paid their full entitlement if the company collapses. Unlikely to apply to those in a Defined Contribution scheme.
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Melt flow rate. Melt mass flow rate or melt flow rate (MFR) gives an indication of melt processing properties of a polymer. Shear rate range is, however, narrow and much lower than in the most of processing applications. It gives thus very limited information about melt flow behaviour. The method is a kind of capillary measurement. The equipment consists of a barrel, a piston with a place for loading masses and a die. The sample is charged into the barrel and heated up to a specified temperature. After that the piston is loaded extruding the polymer through the die. Melt flow rate (MFR) is defined as a mass flown through the die in 10 min. The weights mostly used with polyolefins are 2.16 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 21.6 kg. In addition to the evaluation of flow properties MFR serves as a rough estimation of molecular weight. Usually also Flow Rate Ratio (FRR) is determined. This ia defined as a ratio of two MFR values obtained with two different weights. FRR can be used as a rough estimation of molecular weight distribution.
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