Definitions for "Actuarial Valuation"
Assessment of the financial health of a pension plan by an independent actuarial consulting firm.
A determination by an actuary of the value of a pension plan's assets and its liabilities. The valuation, which is based on statistical probability, is used to determine if the assets are adequate to fund the plan's liabilities. If the value of the assets is not adequate, the plan sponsor must increase its contributions to make up the deficiency; if the assets are more than adequate, the plan sponsor can reduce contributions. Also called plan valuation.
A determination by an actuary, based on statistical probability, of the value of assets and/or liabilities.
In annuities, the determination of value through the use of mortality tables, interest rates and expense factors.
a review of insurance and calculation that an insurance company makes to determine the premium, rate, and reserves based on the expected expenses of issuing coverage.