Definitions for "RBL"
Reasonable Benefit Limit. the maximum superannuation benefit that a person can build up over their lifetime and be taxed on a concessional basis.
Reasonable Benefit Limit. The maximum amount of concessionally taxed eligible termination benefits a person can receive.
Reasonable Benefit Limit. The amount of concessionally taxed superannuation or termination of employment benefits a person can receive in their lifetime. (see also Rollover investment options)
Real-time blackhole list. This differs from a blackhole list in that it actively boycotts TCP/IP addresses known to send spam or host spammers. Enabling such a list results in all mail from those addresses being refused, including valid email. This can, however, result in innocent users complaining to their ISPs and those ISPs enacting stronger anti-spam measures in order to get the RBL ban lifted.
Real-time Blackhole List, a MAPS service for blocking electronic mail from rogue mail relays.
Real-time Black List. A publicized list of IP addresses known to be sources of spam, which can be used to create a network blacklist to filter out mail originating from these addresses. (See dnsBL.)
Honorable Ronald B. Leighton, United States District Court Judge — cases in United States federal courts include the Judge's initials in the case number
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Rifled Breech Loading
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Resource based learning