Definitions for "Blacklist"
To put in a black list as deserving of suspicion, censure, or punishment; esp. to put in a list of persons stigmatized as insolvent or untrustworthy, -- as tradesmen and employers do for mutual protection; as, to blacklist a workman who has been discharged. See Black list, under Black, a.
A feature of anti-spam software that allows users to designate IP addresses, domain names and individual email addresses from which no mail will be accepted. (See also Domain Name System blackhole list.)
A list of entities or Internet domains that are banned from interacting with another entity.
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put on a blacklist so as to banish or cause to be boycotted; "many books were blacklisted by the Nazis"
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a roster of names maintained by those with the power to affect hiring and firing," says Hitchens
When performing input validation, the set of items that, if matched, result in the input being considered invalid. If no invalid items are found, then the result is valid. See Also: Whitelist
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an objective criterion
A blacklist is an access control mechanism that means, allow everybody, except members of the blacklist. Source: Wikipedia
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a record of domain names (e