Definitions for "Names"
Individuals of Lloyds of London who join together in syndicates to underwrite insurance business. Their liability is usually unlimited and therefore all their personal wealth is at risk however, there are now schemes for limiting this.
Refers to the people who invest in the Lloyd's of London Insurance syndicates.
Names are wealthy individuals (with at least £250,000 of liquid assets) who have traditionally supported the Lloyds of London insurance market. Names agree to put their entire wealth on the line should it be necesasary to meet claims, in return for substantial commissions.
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Family names in Thailand are a relative newcomer, starting at the beginning of this century. First names are regarded as far more important and are used on a daily basis. When I first came to Thailand I was called Mr. Richard. In telephone books and at hotels, names are sorted by your first name and not your family name. Rama VI introduced the practice of surnames in 1913. He personally invented names for about 500 families. It is very rare in Thailand for un-related people to have the same family name.
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Most Mongolian names consist of two words, first is the proper name, second is an epithet or clan identification
Number of unique individuals requesting information for a specific date period based on the individual's first and last name. The number in this column is "de-duped". This means that if a site visitor requested information on your product multiple times, their name would be counted only once.
There are three basic categories of brand (or corporate) name. The descriptive name describes the product or service for which it is intended, e.g., Talking Pages. An associative name alludes to an aspect or benefit of the product or service, often by means of an original or striking image or idea, e.g., VISA. A freestanding name has no link to the product or service, but might have a meaning of its own, e.g., Penguin.
National Association for Medical Equipment Services (US).
verbal abuse; a crude substitute for argument
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Core API ruby names may be taken ONLY from a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and '_'. They may be preceded by @, $, % etc to denote special cases.
The attribute value is a sequence of names that adhere to the SGML naming conventions, separated by spaces Attributes of this type are not allowed to occur in XML documents.
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Twisted's DNS server, found in twisted.names.
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See Oracle Names.
There are two kinds of name fields (for species, genes, etc.). name Identifier for 'species' entries. Should be generated automatically using the name server. full_name User defined full name of the species,...
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Refer to the address or addresses of a website.
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That which you are called by.