Definitions for "Entries"
Units of information contained in a forum. Examples include discussion topics, replies, document entries, and calendar appointments.
One piece of information contained in a forum. Examples from a discussion include a topic, a reply, a document, a URL, or a survey question. Other examples include a calendar appointment or a chat session.
Entries, organized by category, are the core of The Journal. Entries can be text "documents", external objects, or images. Most standard categories use document entries, though any type can be set as the default for the category.
In order to be able to compete in competitions (Olympic Games, championships, etc.), athletes must be correctly entered by their National Olympic Committee (NOC) or National Federation into their respective bodyweight categories, with the indication of the qualification totals. No more than two lifters of the same NOC/country may be entered into a bodyweight category. Final entries are verified before the Technical Congress and will be used to make the Start(ing) Lists.
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the number of shooters in a specific event.
Entries are the individual items that appear in your Agenda. Meetings Daily Notes Day Events Holidays Tasks are all types of Entries. Names that are in your Address Book, as well as the associated information, are called Address Book Entries. Back to the top
Transactions passing through the books.
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articles written by the h2g2 Community.