Definitions for "Agenda "
Agenda is a project tracking and team management system. Its features include group and personal tasks list, visual representation of maturity of projects and tasks, various reports, employment scheduling, a common address book, and birthday reminder.
A list of matters to be discussed (as at a meeting).
Subjects to be discussed at a meeting.
A programme of work that the Conference of the Parties adopts and uses to guide its work; the annotated agenda contains a more detailed explanation of each agenda item.
Motions tabled for debate listed in priority order together with the timetable in the Booklet of Motions. Issued to members and delegates not later than 8 weeks before conference.
a regular publication of The OPRA Foundation and welcomes contributions of news items, articles, essays and opinions from its members
The daily, weekly, or monthly calendar for you, another Oracle Calendar user, or a resource. A user can also display a group agenda for any combination of users, resources, and groups.
The Speaker of the Knesset approves the weekly agenda of Knesset sessions. Government bills are addressed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Private Member bills are addressed on Wednesdays. The Speaker of the Knesset informs Knesset Members of the weekly agenda not later than Friday of the previous week.
a personal calendar of events
Agenda is a literary journal published in London and founded by William Cookson. Agenda Editions is an imprint of the journal operating as a small press.
A motive or set of goals; as, to have one's own agenda;
a secret motive; also called hidden agenda; as, some of the news commentators themselves have an agenda.
In coaching an agenda refers to having an attachment to a particular result or outcome and not being open to what unfolds naturally.
a desired outcome
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a daily order of legislative business set by the Speaker.
A small book given to every student at the beginning of the year with space to write daily assignments. Sometimes called Student Planner.
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See Sunshine Notice.
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graphic organizer, a descriptive matrix helps gather & sort information by days in a week, month at a glance
an impending decision on whether to make a major building purchase
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a pathway to action
a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to.
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a diverse one
a key aid to effective negotiations, and its content is described in The Preparation Phase of this course