Definitions for "Subcommittee"
An under committee; a part or division of a committee.
A smaller panel created by a full committee to specialize in specific aspects of the full committee’s jurisdiction. Most committees of the House and Senate have an average of four subcommittees to divide up their workload. Subcommittees do the preliminary work of reviewing proposed legislation and making recommendations to the full committee on whether or not the legislation should progress. They cannot make final decisions on their own, but must have full committee approval. Members of Congress assigned to serve on a full committee are further assigned to membership on one or more of its subcommittees and are expected to specialize in the subject matter assigned to that subcommittee.
A group of committee members, appointed by the chair of a committee of the house or the senate, to which proposed legislation is referred or a specific task is assigned.
The JTC 1 organization responsible for international standards development for a specific area of information processing.
The Education (General Provisions) Act 1989 provides for P&Cs to have subcommittees. While they may have other names, such as Swimming Club or Parents' Group, they are still subcommittees and are obliged to comply with this manual in all respects.