Definitions for "CCC"
California Conservation Corps
Commodity Credit Corporation. Operating unit of the US Department of Agriculture, under the management of an Undersecretary for International Affairs and Commodity Programs, that manages export credits, surplus stocks and acquisition of commodities for PL 480 and Section 416(b) purposes. CRS--Catholic Relief Services, a PVO that is participating in WISHH efforts.
Civilian Conservation Corps. An organization initiated during the depression intended to provide work for young men. Members were put to work performing such duties as road building, park maintenance, and forest management. Many of the structures they built are still extant on Route 66 and elsewhere, and exhibit many of the characteristics typical of depression-era construction, including streamline and deco styling features.
The maximum permissible weight of all pets, personal belongings, food, tools, and other supplies you can carry in your motor home. This is the GVWR minus the UVW (see below).
Cargo carrying capacity. The maximum permissible weight of personal belongings and cargo that can be added to the RV. CCC is equal or less than GVWR minus UVW, full fresh water weight, and full LP gas weight.
Comprehensive Cancer Center
the building letter code for the Marilyn Reed Lucia Child Care Study Center, 610 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco
Community Corrections Center
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Clear channel capability; allows unrestricted data bearing any number of consecutive zeros to pass through a transmission facility. This usually requires B8ZS line coding on all elements
Centre for Coding and Classification. The NHS location for work on Read Codes and the Clinical Terms projects.
Customer Configuration Code. The CCC is located on the product label attached to the drive. The CCC is revised only when there are drive form, fit, or function changes.
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Consejo Consultivo de Ciencia
Consumers' Consultative Committee
Council of Centre Chairs - Committee, chaired by the Vice-President Academic comprised of each academic centre chair.
Civil Contingencies Committee. Committee of Ministers, chaired by Home Secretary, convened so Government can oversee a major emergency and safeguard provision of essential supplies and services. Representatives of the relevant emergency services and agencies also attend.
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California Coastal Commission
Cornell Concert Commission
California Community Colleges
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Circuit cross-connect. A JUNOS software feature that allows you to configure transparent connections between two circuits, where a circuit can be a Frame Relay DLCI, an ATM virtual channel (VC), a PPP interface, a Cisco HDLC interface, or an MPLS label-switched path (LSP).
Croydon Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Camping and Caravanning Club.
Chaos Computer Club
Compensated Cases Closed. (WCB) A data system used to summarize cases that have been closed with an award of indemnity benefits during a particular calendar year. The annual files generally contain 120,000-140,000 case records and include information about case/claimant background, employment, injury/accident characteristics, extent of disability, indemnity benefits and selected decision characteristics.
Clinical Case conferences
Contaminant Control Cartridge
Computer Command Control System (GM)
Command and Control Central
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Campus Crusade for Christ ( Australia )
CCC is a Content managment system for a Customer relationship management application. packaged with Smarty. installs as a complete CRM.
Class bold-text At the moment the Cyber span Crime Convention
Customs Convention on Containers.  Allows temporary admission of tanks into member countries.
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Benton Visual Retention Test
An insurer rated 'CCC' has VERY WEAK financial security characteristics, and is dependent on favorable business conditions to meet financial commitments.
Currently vulnerable to nonpayment—Dependent on favorable economic conditions.
An abbreviation for "circular, covalently closed" DNA molecules.
Current Collection (Central Library, first floor)
Current Collection (1st) 010201
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Consumers for Cable Choice
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being one hundred more than two hundred