Definitions for "DNA"
abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid; -- more commonly used than the full name. See also RNA.
Deoxyribonucleic acid, the molecule present in the cells of living things, which controls the structure, function and behaviour of each cell. It carries genetic information during reproduction.
Chemical molecules that contain all a person's genetic materials and from which chromosomes and genes are constructed.
Distributed Internet Applications Architecture
See Digital Network Architecture
Digital Equipment Corp.'s Digital Network Architecture, a multiplatform and multivendor architecture.
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Digital Network Access. French: accès au réseau numérique (ARN) A national generic access service that provides customers with a single network access for their subrate DS-1 (speeds of up to 56 kbps) Megaplan services. The service offers customers a common set of features and consistent rates on a national basis. (See Megaplan.)
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Dia & Noite Alcoolizados
A hardware and software scheme for interconnecting Digital's computers in a network. It is composed of three elements: Data Access Protocol (DAP), Network Services Protocol (NSP), and Digital Data Communications Message Protocol (DDCMP). See: DDCMP.
Daily News and Analysis (DNA) is a daily English newspaper published from Mumbai, India, launched on July 30, 2005. Targeted at a young readership, it is the fastest growing newspaper in Mumbai.
Departmental network administrator; the person within an OSU department, college, or building responsible for networking services. Also referred to as a "SONNET administrator".
Downtown/Natomas/Airport (project corridor)
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Endocrine System GABA
Enucleation The surgical removal of the eyeball, leaving the eye muscles, lids and surrounding structures.
Did Not Attend
"This applies to women who do not attend for their screening appointment." -- NHSBSP 47.
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"DNA" was the second epsiode to air in the fourth series of Red Dwarf.
Documentation of Land Use Plan Conformance and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Adequacy
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Profile to prove parentage
DNA is a unique, measurable human characteristic. However, current DNA technology is not automatic and cannot currently rank alongside other biometric technologies. DNA is a unique, measurable human characteristic (current DNA technology is not automatic and cannot currently rank alongside other biometric technologies).
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Direct Strong Nitric
Delta Nu Alpha, a professional transportation group.
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Diet Needs Analysis
Discount Note Advance. A fixed rate advance for the term, priced off prevailing short term Discount Note market.
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Defense Nuclear Agency
DNA telephone networks are entirely digital, instead of a combination of analog and digital. The benefits of an all-digital network include the ability to provide higher quality transmissions and improved efficiency and services.
The material that contains the instructions for making all the parts of the body.
Development Needs Analysis link to All Ways Learning material
Destination Network Address. Address used in processing X.25 network calls.
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Is "Does Not Apply."
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See Digital Network Access.