Definitions for "note"
A short-term debt security, usually with a maturity of five years or less.
A diplomatic missive or written communication.
A written or printed paper acknowledging a debt, and promising payment; as, a promissory note; a note of hand; a negotiable note.
A brief remark; a marginal comment or explanation; hence, an annotation on a text or author; a comment; a critical, explanatory, or illustrative observation.
To notice with care; to observe; to remark; to heed; to attend to.
To annotate.
What characterizes the dominant odor of a fragrance product. Citrus, floral, wood, alimentary, musk or green are all notes.
Individual flavor or aromatic element in a wine, often some kind of a fruit (blackberry, cherry, lemon, grapefruit), spice (oregano, dill, vanilla), or wet mammal (i.e., dog, cat, squirrel). Notes in a wine are hints, suggestions, and only that. When a geek says she found 'chocolate' in her Bordeaux, it doesn't mean she thinks someone actually slipped some Swiss Miss into her glass, just that she believes there is a chocolatey nuance to the smell or taste of the wine.
Indicates an olfactory impression of a single smell, or to indicate the three parts of a perfume - top note, middle note, base note.
A character, variously formed, to indicate the length of a tone, and variously placed upon the staff to indicate its pitch. Hence:
A musical sound; a tone; an utterance; a tune.
note is a symbol that represents two properties, pitch and duration.
Note is a marked footnote, endnote or some other piece of text in a document.
A text note added to a diagram to explain the diagram in more detail.
An instruction, definition or reference that explains the contents and use of a class, or the relationship of the class to other classes. See also Add note; Arrange-alphabetically note; Arrange-chronologically note; Class-elsewhere note; Class-here note; Definition note; Discontinuation; Do-not-use note; Footnote; Former-heading note; Including note; Manual note; Number-built note; Preference order; Relocation; Revision note; Scope note; See-also reference; See-Manual reference; See reference; Standard-subdivisions-are-added note; Subdivisions-are-added note.
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n. e-mail correspondence in IBM (originally a "PROFS note"; now a Lotus Note).
Notes may be any of the following. Please make sure you know what type of note you are talking about. the Comments section under the Briefcase tab of a contact record in Lotus Notes the Memo Pad area of a Palm handheld the Notes area of a Windows CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile handheld the Notes area of Outlook the Notes tab of a contact in GoldMine entries in the Notes/History tab of a contact in Act notes on a contact notes on an activity
another word for addition, bill or tab.
(1) A deprectated term, now split into Working Group Notes, Team Submissions and Member Submissions. (2) Formerly: a publication on the W3C Web Site, found in the " Technical Recommendations" area, which does NOT constitute a technical recommendation, but only work deemed worthy of publication.
my oversimplistic term for items in a score structure.
The term ‘Gurbani’ is used for the Bani (verses) of Guru Nanak and of others Sikh Gurus, which has been incorporated in the Aad Guru Granth Sahib and authenticated by Guru Arjan in 1604 and reiterated its authenticity by Guru Gobind Singh around 1705, while the term ‘Nanakian philosophy’ is used for the philosophy embodied in the “Gurbani’.
It is also possible to use a Unix or Linux mount to access a UNC on a Windows machine. Please see man pages on mount (e.g. "mount -t smbfs //server/mount /mnt/home -o username=mylogin,password=mypassword") and "smbmount". URL Universal Resource Locator (URL) is an address string which specifies a full Internet domain and host path, as well as specific directory and file name information for the document. World Wide Web documents typically contain hyperlinks to other documents referenced by additional URLs.
An oracle is specified by the answers it gives to every possible question you could ask it. So in some contexts, 'oracle' is more or less synonymous with 'input' - but usually an input so long that the algorithm can only examine a small fraction of it.
The basic difference between `nonconformity' and `defect' is that specified requirements may differ from the requirements for the intended use. (ISO 8402: 1986, 3.20)
Know not; knows not.
newborns are aggressively, today, syringed of their nose, for meconium or mucus. This is more than a gentle wiping down. Perhaps, this natural lysozyme defense is destroyed by the re-used syringe bulbs, or removed, altogether by the agressive syringing. Then, more harm then good, may be taking away a healthy enzyme and leaving a harmful one. Who knows? Staph infections can be spread by the cutting knives. What diseases can be spread by rubber syringe bulbs, if reused over and over again? How clean might they be? We are seeing babies with low immune system to day, and more ear and throat infections. More brain cancers, more autism, more of everything and much of the increased disorders involving the children are not being commuicated to the public as well as they ought to be.
The Ladies of the Moravians have long since learned to ignore pleas of "Can I sleep here, some-one's snoring in my dorm ? " from the Gentlemen of the Moravians.
Contained every feeling Angela ever had about Jordan Catalano. Lost in the museum in " Why Jordan Can't Read" by Rayanne, found by Jordan. But it didn't hold his interest.
A brief writing intended to assist the memory; a memorandum; a minute.
To record in writing; to make a memorandum of.
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The degree and its decimal submultiples can be used with the SI when the radian is not a convenient unit; by definition, 2Ï€ rad = 360o. The minute (1' = (1/60)o) and the second (1" = (1/60)') can also be used. economics
Roaming is never as cheap as your home airtime rates, but is provided as a short-term convience for a provider's customers. Sometimes a roaming agreement may not be in place and operator intervention is required to obtain a credit card number. This is usually much more expensive than a roaming agreement (up to $5/min compared to $1/min).
In many intervention programs there will be multiple client, or target, populations. Usually different client populations will require different strategies or intervention.
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Although the Shared Source CLI JIT compiler produces code that could be fully interruptable, the polling garbage collector renders this moot.
Paper currency, e.g. "A $5 note."
Bill (currency)
Noting, which is only available in England and a few Commonwealth countries, eg. Australia, is a preliminary step to Protesting (see below) and involves a Notary Public presenting: - a Sight Bill of Exchange which has been unpaid on presentation; or - a Term Bill which has been unaccepted on presentation; or - a previously accepted Term Bill which has been unpaid at maturity; at the place of payment as specified in the bill, for example the drawee's address or at a bank, demanding acceptance or payment. In the event of dishonour, the bill is noted. This involves the Notary recording the reason(s) given by the drawee (if any) for the dishonour on a note, attaching the note to the bill and returning the bill to the presenting bank. Noting costs less than protesting and allows the drawer the option of protesting the bill at a later time if necessary.
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See: frequency, MIDI note value
Used to assign what pad will trigger what sound, using standard MIDI default drum mapping. (no) on a Zendrum.
A mark or token by which a thing may be known; a visible sign; a character; a distinctive mark or feature; a characteristic quality.
A mark, or sign, made to call attention, to point out something to notice, or the like; a sign, or token, proving or giving evidence.
Reputation; distinction; as, a poet of note.
Hence, a writing intended to be used in speaking; memoranda to assist a speaker, being either a synopsis, or the full text of what is to be said; as, to preach from notes; also, a reporter's memoranda; the original report of a speech or of proceedings.
A short text intended for informative purposes
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The PCA quietly disappeared in the late 1990s. FIDE
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To set down in musical characters.
the basic element of a musical composition: it denotes both the pitc h (frequency) and the duration (time-length) of the sound
a unit of relative time in music, also called a whole note, equal to 1/2 breve.
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A note is a short text you can add to different objects. Notes are displayed by TUTOS whenever you see details of that object.
text that tells about a person or fact. Additional detail about the fact it is associated with. Does not tell where the information came from, as a " source" does.
n. a word or phrase written down to help remember what you have read, thought, etc.; notes should be brief but thorough, appear in short form, include the main points, provide supporting details. stimulate recall of other details and relationships among ideas. return
This kind of trust would not qualify for the farm rollover if the land does not vest indefeasibly in the names of the children within 36 months of the death of the parents.
Glass should never be used for plinking since it is difficult to clean up the area and glass does not biodegrade over time.
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Stigma; brand; reproach.
To charge, as with crime (with of or for before the thing charged); to brand.
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Observation; notice; heed.
State of being under observation.
To observe, notice, heed.
A defective can is defined as one that contains Class 2 or Class 3 decomposition ---see FISH product listing. Sampling plan tables are available on request from FDA DEFECT SOURCE: Post harvest and/or processing temperature abuse SIGNIFICANCE: Potential health hazard from decomposition metabolites
A particular student can be considered 'new' at several points during their enrollment at UW e.g. , upon first matriculation, Fifth year, Graduate School, etc.
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as from August 2006, PNLs are no longer produced by the system.
The basis of communication on WebKF. There are two types of notes, the "New Note" and the "Build-on". A New Note is typically used to introduce new ideas, while a Build-on is usually used to express extended thinking or to link ideas.
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I teach this move by starting very slow just stepping in place Then we add hitches and increase the tempo and begin counting 1&2&3&4
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ard - Contains information from one source on one aspect of research. See Creating Note Cards in this manual.
Refers to the distinctly different taste. Can be distinguished while cupping.
Aces are high· If two Players have the same low card, the bring-in bet is determined by suit in alphabetical order from lowest to highest value: Clubs Diamonds Hearts Spades
A contract involving a loan of money.
Basically, the borrower is offering the lender upfront money to get a lower interest rate. The upfront money is to compensate the lender for loss of yield (profit) on the loan because of the lower rate given to the borrower.
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A short informal letter; a billet.
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A key of the piano or organ.
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To butt; to push with the horns.
A message to the user that draws attention to important information. If the information is critically important, a caution or warning is used instead. See also caution and warning.
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To indicate that a request was serviced and its outcome is available. For example, issuing an em_wait call is asking for the event that was noted for the longest period of time.
Notification; information; intelligence.
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We do not adjust for daylight savings time.
Not all databases have a content/metadata architecture.
Specialised information that cannot be accommodated elsewhere.
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To denote; to designate.
The settlement date runs from the date the trade was executed. In some cases, the execution date may be the first business day after a buyer (or seller) places the order to buy (or sell). This occurs if the buyer (or seller) places the buy (or sell) order after the closing time for those securities transactions. For more information, check with your stock broker.
An obligation that is due in less than ten years from the date of issue.
Remote controls can only operate remote control-compatible equipment.
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See Treasury note. Back to the top
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Origination fee Payment cap
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see, review or to take note of
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Need; needful business.
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A message set off from the text
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A list of items or of charges; an account.
Some restrictions apply regarding the items that may be purchased.
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See mortgage note.