Definitions for "Keyword search"
Searching for documents based on one or more words or phrases specified by a computer user. In many search engines, a string of keywords entered without quotation marks is treated as a Boolean "and" search (see Boolean), while enclosing the string in quotation marks restricts the search to the complete phrase. See search engine.
A search in which you use complete words from the bibliographic information.
a basic search but adds the ability to seek out certain keywords in demographic profiles
Keywords:  quick, step, first
a quick first step
Keywords:  begin, way, flexible, look, subject
a good way to begin
a more flexible way to begin to look for items by subject
Keywords:  discussion, above, see
See discussion under keyword above.
Keywords:  themes, central, starting, good, point
a good starting point for any central themes, also
Keywords:  weight
Keyword weight Keywords