Definitions for "Boolean"
A boolean operator will determine a query by joining simple terms with AND, OR and NOT for the purpose of limiting or qualifying the search. Example in Google type in 'Search Term1' AND 'Search Term2' and the search engine will find pages that provide both terms in the web page. Other operators you can use is OR. Ensure that AND, OR, NOT are in capital letters.
A true or false value. Named for the branch of logic invented by George Boole that deals with statements using true, false, and, or, not, etc.
a logical system or algebra using set theory and operators such as "and", "or" and "not", the basis of binary computers and some solid modeling operations, described by and named after the mathematician George Boole
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A passworded menu option used to retrieve records from OSCAR by creating a list of criteria or data elements from fixed and variable length fields and comparing those criteria to all or part of the OSCAR file of bib, item, order, or check-in records.
double if private throws
double instanceof return transient
a relatively new intrinsic data type -- it is preferred over various other substitutes that were present in earlier versions and languages
a type of Compound Object
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a peace sign or an international no sign
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an on/off attribute
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