Definitions for "Mathematician"
a complicated mechanism for turning coffee into theorems
a device for converting coffee into theorems
a machine for turning coffee Coffee as a drink, usually served hot, is prepared from the roasted seeds (beans) of the coffee plant
a logician, he functions through syllogism
Keywords:  solver, poet, matter, solving, problem
an expert in solving problems with mathematics
a poet, of a world made not of matter but number
a problem solver, no matter the specialisation
a scientist who can figure out anything except such simple things as squaring the circle and isecting an angle
a person who practices the study of mathmatics
A mathematician is the person whose primary area of study and research is the field of mathematics.
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One versed in mathematics.
Keywords:  supposed, room, cat, empty, thinks
a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat
a person who thinks that if there are supposed to be three people in a room, but five come out, then two more must enter the room in order for it to be empty
A professional trained in the mathematics of insurance and risk management. Known as an actuary in the United States.
Keywords:  skilled, person, new, creates
a person skilled in mathematics
a person who creates new mathematics