Definitions for "Ginger Ale"
Soda water with ginger taste. Commonly used in long drinks in the UK and the USA. Canada Dry resembles it the most.
Basis for that drink is ginger and sparkling flavoured water. It is clear and light brown. Known products of the companies: Schweppers, Carlsberg, Faxe.
Ginger Ales were created in Ireland in the mid 19th century. Immigrants brought the concept of Ginger Ale across to the United States. The most noteworthy brand of Ginger Ale is the Canada Dry version created by John McLaughlin in 1907. Ginger Ale can be found in vending machines across the country. Associated Terms: Ginger Ale machine, Ginger Ale machines, Ginger Ale vending machine, Ginger Ale vending machines, Ginger Ale vending, Ginger Ale vendor, Ginger Ale vendors, Canada Dry, Canada Dry machine, Canada Dry machines, Canada Dry vending machine, Canada Dry vending machines, Canada Dry vending, Canada Dry vendor, Canada Dry Vendors.