Definitions for "menu"
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The details of a banquet; a list of the dishes served at a meal, whether or not one has a choice.
Any list of objects, activities, etc. from which to choose; a selection of alternatives.
A list of dishes form which to choose at a restaurant; a bill of fare.
A menu is a widget that displays a collection of one-line entries arranged in a column. There exist several different types of entries, each with different properties. Entries of different types may be combined in a single menu. Menu entries are not the same as entry widgets. In fact, menu entries are not even distinct widgets; the entire menu is one widget.
a widget that displays a collection of one-line entries arranged in one or more columns
A special type of maxlet that displays a table of contents of pages within the website.
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Merc the Mercantile agency
Keywords:  uiobject, window
a UIObject that has a window
a fundamental way to navigate an application on constrained devices
a navigational tool that organizes your website and helps people find pages quickly
The portion of your Web site that provides a set of links to other pages of your site. The menu enables your visitors to navigate your site. Customize and manage your site's menu using SiteCLERK's Menu Manager.
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In DVD-Video there are two kinds of menus, System Menus and Interactive Menus. There are six types of System Menus: Title Menu, Root Menu, Audio Menu, Sub-picture Menu, Angle Menu and PTT or Chapter Menu.
An onscreen menu of everything recorded on either the DVD (Basic Recorder) or the hard drive (DVD Recorder with Hard Drive Integrated).
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an offer, not a dare
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There are menus for each level and lesson in an Academy module. Links to the level menus appear in the center of the menubar. Access any level menu by clicking the level titles in the center of the menubar. Click the up arrow (top right) to access the menu for the current level or to go to the next higher menu level. For example, if you are viewing a page in a lesson the up arrow takes you to the current Lesson menu then to the menu for all Lessons then to the Table of Contents (ToC) for the entire module.
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menubuilder message metafile midi
Keywords:  grafitti, toilet, wall, lined
toilet wall lined with grafitti.
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(WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
A method of call distribution used by our 800 vanity numbers.
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What you'll never see again after buying a computer because you'll be too poor to eat in a restaurant.
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an agenda of things to do; "they worked rapidly down the menu of reports"
Keywords:  meal, dishes, making
the dishes making up a meal
a graphic element which lets the user execute an action of a program
a graphics or text representation of a site's main table of contents
a collection of problem-solving activities that provide class work for one or more weeks
a very important part of the overall food presentation
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a text description of something that you can eat
a logical grouping for assigning security to your system
Keywords:  mechanism, search
a search mechanism
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a type of text control, but with a few differences
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The menu Element
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a class, as is a form
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a transaction of type "ME"