Definitions for "Reports"
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Various QMF procedures are supplied with Accounting Feature for producing reports. You can modify these reports or define your own reports using QMF or equivalent product.
Formal account of a current state of affairs.
Data that is available to you in the Reports section of your Yahoo! Search Marketing account. You can run a variety of reports on your account, including Account Activity Detail, Account Summary, Billing Transaction Detail, Category Detail, Category Summary, Daily Budgeting Report, Intra-Day Account Activity, Keyword Activity Detail, Keyword Summary, Match Type Activity, URL Activity, and Monthly Financial Reports.
A collection and grouping of business data that answers a question or aggregates data in some way.
A BBSM Hotspot web application used to display BBSM Hotspot configuration and logged data.
The Escendency system comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive list of reports that can be accessed from the control panel tabs. Report access is controlled via user privileges and/or participation in a reporting group.
The published decisions of appeals in state and federal courts.
Printed statement of an opinion of the court which is in writing and is published.
Reasoned arguments put to the University in support of certain changes or innovations, the proposals being published in Reporter, discussed, and, if necessary, voted upon in a ballot.
Automatically generated reports of transactions, turnovers etc.
Each country Party communicates to the Conference of the Parties for consideration at its ordinary sessions reports on the measures it has taken for the implementation of the Convention. Affected country Parties provide a description of the strategies established, and other relevant information. Developed country Parties report on measures taken to assist in the preparation and implementation of action programmes.
Reports are information dissemination documents often created as a result of a query. Reports may contain text, data, graphics and calculations.
Graphical, network-accessible reports generated from database information.
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One of the four major areas of Best 4 Diabetes, this area let's you generate graphical reports that you and your Best 4 Diabetes can use to better manage your diabetes.
a major achievement
Reports is a method of searching or organizing database information based on defined criteria. These reports can be exported to Excel or Word.
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an interesting page if you're into area codes
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Does the system provide all the views and reports you need