Definitions for "Profiling"
An analytic tool that uses epidemiologic methods to compare practice patterns of providers on the dimensions of cost, service use, or quality of care. The provider's pattern of practice is expressed as a rate aggregated over time for defined population of patients.
a biological tool which allows the scientist to compare samples of DNA material
an example of how advances in medical research have proved useful in police and science forensic work
systematic method of collecting, collating, and analyzing patient data to develop provider-specific information about medical practice.
recording a person's behavior and analyzing psychological characteristics in order to predict or assess their ability in a certain sphere or to identify a particular group of people
a technique sensitive enough to analyze just a few cells
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The flame, plasma or laser cutting of shapes from sheet, plate or slab.
Cutting out the shape (or profile) of a piece of material. The most common example of profiling is cutting out name badges in the shape of a logo.
The technique of cutting through a piece of material using a rotary engraving cutter. This method of engraving is commonly used for making badge blanks, cutting out irregular shapes or making cut-outs in control panels.
Profiling is a method by which the performance of an application can be examined. Profiling allows the user to look at the function calls an application is making, how often they are being called, and how much time is spent executing each function. This can uncover "bottlenecks" in the application that can be examined and fixed.
The act of determining how much CPU time is used by each function or subroutine in a program. The histogram or table produced is called the execution profile.
The process of generating a statistical analysis of a program that shows processor time and the percentage of program execution time used by each procedure in the program.
In the construction of fieldworks, the erection at proper intervals of wooden profiles, to show to the workmen the sectional form of the parapets at those points.
A system that enables electricity retailers to assess how much electricity their customers are using every 30 minutes.
A method of collecting data by periodically examining and recording the program's program counter (PC), call stack, and hardware counters that measure resource consumption.
Profiling is the estimation of a consumers' half-hour consumption through the use of a profile of that consumers' load shape. It enables a retailer to submit the consumption of a non-half-hour metered consumer into the national reconciliation process as if that consumer were half-hour metered.
a major breakthrough in paternity testing
a major contribution to the debate on law reform
In geophysics, a survey method whereby an array of sensors is moved along the Earth's surface without change in its configuration, in order to detect lateral changes in the properties of the subsurface (faults, buried channels, etc.) The alternative is usually a sounding.
A program to provide early recognition of and early intervention with those claimants identified as dislocated workers. See Dislocated Workers.
a standard procedure in criminal investigations
a technique, a scientific technique that enables us to look at a variety of genetic markers in the cells of people
a technique DNA sequence in common
The process of 'fingerprinting' a device to find the relationship between visual colour and the device's colour. Sometimes called characterization.
an excellent way to find out who the true heirs are
a universal and critical step in space biology experiments, which seek to link specific molecular events with disease phenotypes
describing the needs and behaviour of your target customer
The task of building up a fuller picture of the target segments. p. 228
The name given to the setting up of an ICC profile. It contains the individual color characteristics of color reproduction equipment such as a monitor, scanner color printer and four-color printing press.
Profiling or personalization is the act of gathering a customer's personal information, buying habits, preferences, Web-browsing history and using it to assemble a "profile" of the customer in an attempt to predict the customer's behavior.
Machining or grinding the outline of die members.
a highly sensitive scientific process that can accurately identify each person though their genetic code
Selecting standards for a particular application.
The act of selecting conditional text in a document to create a version for a given user profile. See Chapter 25, Profiling (conditional text) for more information.
a very complex affair, with many different technical stages
See Main Definition: automated document classification
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a way of establishing identity and is