Definitions for "Web analytics"
Analysis of web users behaviour at the web site in question. E-commerce sites use web analytics software to metrics on the user behaviour: visitors, unique visitors, origin of visitor traffic, what keywords they searched with on the site's search engine, lenght of visit. A more comprehensive view includes the assessment of a wider variety of data, including web traffic, web transactions, usability studies, user submitted information, and related sources to create a more comprehensive understanding of the customer experience and behaviour. Web analytic software is used to monitor web site conversion and click through rates, i.e. whether pages are working properly. With this information, webmasters determine how to improve the site. Enclick provides a web analytics service
Web analytics systems analyses web visitors' online behaviour, allowing enterprises to optimise their website structure and content to better serve their customers. Such a system is usually applied to a commercial Internet website rather an intranet.
The analysis of visitor behavior on a Web site. Initially it referred only to clickstream analysis; it is now taking on a broader meaning, and includes (or should include) analyzing data from a variety of online data sources, such as surveys, search logs, and buying guides.