Definitions for "Urchin"
Urchin 4 is an advanced, Web site analytics software system designed for use by organisations of all sizes. Urchin 4 provides an intuitive, browser-based interface and offers, among other things, flexible date-range reporting, filtering, a search function and an export utility. You can upgrade your standard Web statistics tool to Urchin.
Free website visitor tracking solution owned by Google. Now called Google Analytics.
The hosting industry standard in Web traffic reporting, Urchin is SBC\'s preferred Web statistics and log analysis tool. Designed to provide critical insight into your Web site\'s user activity, the sophisticated reporting and easy-to-use, browser-based interface allow you to get the traffic data you need to optimize your site. The fast-loading, intuitive and in-depth reports provide you flexible date range and multilingual functionality. Built-in help sections link to more detailed descriptions and there is no software to download.
A pert or roguish child; -- now commonly used only of a boy.
poor and often mischievous city child
Urchin was the first band of Adrian Smith, which he formed with his friend Dave Murray around 1977. Dave then left to join Iron Maiden. Urchin had recorded one 7" album Black Leather Fantasy and managed to sign a contract but did not last long after Adrian's departure to replace Iron Maiden's guitarist Dennis Stratton.
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A hedgehog.
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the hedge-hog
A sea urchin. See Sea urchin.
A type of echinoderm invertebrate, related to sea stars, shaped like a ball and protected by long, sharp spines. Often called a "sea urchin."
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Rough; pricking; piercing.
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Urchin is a web-based RSS aggregator and filter. The primary purpose of Urchin is to allow the generation of new RSS feeds by selecting items of interest from the collection of items in the Urchin database.
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