Definitions for "Multilingual"
Capable of communication in more than one language, but not necessarily at the same level of proficiency.
(1) A multilingual program can support multiple languages, either concurrently, or one language at any given time. (2) Referring to many languages. A multilingual program strives to handle data in a way that is not dependent on a particular language or writing system. Multilingual documents combine text which is written in different languages. Multilingual may refer to many languages which all use the same script (such as English, French, and German), or to many languages which use distinct scripts (such as German, Hebrew, and Korean). The latter case is also referred to as multiscript. MW: Mark weight.
The ability to use more than one language when speaking or writing (see Bilingual). This term often refers to the presence of more than two populations of significant size within a single political unit, each group speaking a different language as their primary language.
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When a player is able to score well from a variety of lines/angles.