Definitions for "Dialect"
Dialect is an interpreted programming language with GUI, networking, and object oriented capabilities.
Means or mode of expressing thoughts; language; tongue; form of speech.
The form of speech of a limited region or people, as distinguished from ether forms nearly related to it; a variety or subdivision of a language; speech characterized by local peculiarities or specific circumstances; as, the Ionic and Attic were dialects of Greece; the Yorkshire dialect; the dialect of the learned.
putonghua - ´¶³q¸Ü or guoyu - °ê»y, Taiwanese - ¥x»y or Minnanyu - »Ô«n»P, Cantonese - ¸f»y, Shanghainese, Hakka - «È»y...
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a set of calls shared by members of the same pod
a unique set of discrete calls made by an individual whale and fellow pod members; dialects of most resident pods can be distinguished either by ear or with a sound analyzer.
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an extension of the REBOL
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a variant, or , of a
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a single norm of usage
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a vendor-specific version of SQL
a relatively simple process and that few, if any, modifications to the imported code are necessary
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a better name) called