Definitions for "Variant"
Varying in form, character, or the like; variable; different; diverse.
Variables declared as variant can be assigned a variety of values (eg. string, double)
a variable quantity that is random
Something which differs in form from another thing, though really the same; as, a variant from a type in natural history; a variant of a story or a word.
A book that differs in some way from other editions, often used for first editions when no precedence has been established
Refers to a minor difference between various printings of a book.
a seamark or daymark , a structure usually built intentionally to aid sailors navigating featureless coasts
a sea mark , usually built intentionally to aid sailors on featureless coasts
Changeable; changing; fickle.
A modified version of a virus that is usually produced on purpose by a virus author or by someone who modifies the original virus. Variants may be very similar to their parent virus, or may be fairly different. Some are text variants, which means that the only differences between them and their parent virus are in internal program comments that are never displayed, or in text that is displayed to the screen. Some are the result of small changes made to the original virus, apparently to create a new virus which is not detected by certain anti-virus programs. Some are the result of large changes, such as combining the spreading part of one virus with the damage part of another.
A version of a text which differs from the original only in slight details.
Any unnamed variation within a species, variety, forma specialis or physiolgic race.
a collar made of brown beads striped in a variety of colors or lilac or maroon beads striped with colors
A dry fly variety wound hackles that are much larger than normally recommended. Also describes variations on a standard pattern.
An unofficial (sometimes formally discontinued) name. This status was originally applied to all names that were not assigned.
referred to when perhaps an original mold wore out. In chiseling a replacement mold for further production, some variances in the former pattern took place.
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a generic way of passing around data
a term employed by Roland Barthes to describe a property of clothing (as thus of the bikini) which varies in some way or another
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a shorthaired cat with a factor for longhair
resource may have one, or more than one, representation(s) associated with it at any given instant. Each of these representations is termed a `variant.' Use of the term `variant' does not necessarily imply that the resource is subject to content negotiation. This term is taken verbatim from Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1.
One of several possible representations of a data resource.
A representation of a resource. A resource may have one or more representations associated with it at any given time.
an analog of the major rate-determining three-disulfide intermediate in the oxidative folding of RNase A
a s World Intellectual Property Organization With avances in technology, there are now various electronic items that require adherence to or integration with fabric and garments
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A set of variant DLLs that support a particular piece of hardware. It is possible to build a ROM with support for more than one piece of hardware, by including more than one set of variant DLLs in the ROM image.
a promoter containing changes in which one or more nucleotides of an original promoter is deleted, added, and/or substituted, preferably while substantially maintaining promoter function
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A saved setting such as table settings or report selection criteria. See also Report Variant.
a set of search criteria
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Plant form that varies to some degree from the norm.
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a special tag cut out of soft plastic with two broad pieces connected by a middle narrower strip which is the part inserted in the fish
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One of two or more code symbols which have the same plain text equivalent. One of several plain text meanings that are represented by a single code group.
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an event that departs from expectations
a set of products with the same combination of options
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an alternative form of the domain name