Definitions for "OUTCROSS"
n., vt. To transfer pollen from the anthers of the flowers of one plant to the stigma of the flower of another plant. The mating of a hybrid with a third parent; also an offtype plant resulting from pollen of a different sort contaminating a field of usually self-pollinated plants.
Cross-pollination, usually by natural means, with plants differing in genetic constitution.
a breeding made between unrelated family bloodlines.
A horse whose pedigree has no duplicated names or “hidden relatives” (such as three-quarter siblings) within, usually, the first four generations. Some pedigree experts extend this to the sixth generation.
an outbreed step in an overall Linebreeding program
the process of crossing a new 'outside' line with your own line. outcrossing is necessary ever few generations to prevent a line from becoming too inbred and starting to show sign of weakness as well as possible deformities.