Definitions for "Alleles"
One of a set of alternate forms of a gene. An example is the different alleles of eye color. Each of the different forms of the gene code for eye color, only each codes for a different color i.e. blue, brown, green.
Any one of a series of two or more different genes that may occupy the same locus on a specific chromosome. As autosomal chromosomes are paired each autosomal gene is represented twice in normal somatic cells. If the same a. occupies this a. If the a.'s are different, the individual or cell is heterozygous for both a.'s.
genes that control the same inherited trait (such as height or eye color); they are located at the same position (locus) on homologous chromosomes
Hernia Psychomotor
Hernia Prosencephalon Hydrocephalus Proteins
Filtration Oxygenation
Filtration Paediatric
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Gangrene Photochemotherapy
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Hepatocyte Preoperative
Granulocytopenia Parenteral
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Fistula Phagocytosis
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Fibroblasts Overdose
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Granule Pruritus
Histocompatibility Polymorphic
Keywords:  ornithine, fatigue
Fatigue Ornithine
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Gastric Pathologic
Gastrointestinal Pharmacologic
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Feces Phenytoin
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Groin Peptide
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Endogenous Pelvic
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an important predictor of transplant outcome
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Histamine Potassium
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See Allele.