Definitions for "Endogenous"
arising from inside of the body
developing or originating from within the individual.
Developing from within the body.
Neurologic Vasculitis
Oral Vasculitis
Niacin Vasculitis
Keywords:  overdose, urology, uterus
Overdose Uterus
Overdose Urology
Neurons Tricyclic
Neurons Venous
Nystatin Tricyclic
Molecular Tyrosine
Molecular Vascular
Nummular Vascular
Keywords:  endolith, endolymph
Endolith Endolymph
Keywords:  vaccinia
Myositis Thermoregulation
Keywords:  palpation
Nicotine Vaccine
Neuropsychology Vaccination
Keywords:  nephrotic, transurethral
Nephrotic Transurethral
Keywords:  opiate
a form of thallus development in which the nucleus remains in an encysted zoospore that simply enlarges to form one or more sporangia.
Keywords:  osteotomy, tumour
Osteotomy Tumour
Keywords:  necrosis, urethritis
Necrosis Urethritis
Increasing by internal growth and elongation at the summit, instead of externally, and having no distinction of pith, wood, and bark, as the rattan, the palm, the cornstalk.
Originating from within; increasing by internal growth.
Attributable to internal causes.
Keywords:  neoplasm, trachea
Neoplasm Trachea
Keywords:  venereal
Keywords:  nifedipine, urinary
Nifedipine Urinary
of rhythms or other forms of biological timekeeping controlled from within the organism by some kind of physiological ‘ biological clock '.
growing from or beginning within the organism
Developed from within a cell, tissue, or organism.
Keywords:  neuropathy, viral
Neuropathy Viral
Keywords:  warts, ovary
Ovary Warts
Eczema that occurs due to an inbuilt tendency and not primarily because of something in the outside world.
Keywords:  vanadium, oral, vaginal
Oral Vaginal
Oral Vanadium
A protein that is produced and used exclusively within an organism, with no reaction to the outside environment
Potassium Proteins Vimentin
coming from or controlled from within, e.g. variables that are totally under the control of a company or a government.
coming from within the society being studied
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of or resembling an endogen
A variable in a mathematical relationship or in a mode whose value is calculated by means of this relationship or model; i.e. it is an output of the model.
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Having a source from within.
Keywords:  tissue, new, forming
Forming new tissue within.