Definitions for "Girdling"
Keywords:  cambium, bark, snag, disrupts, phloem
Destruction of tissue in a ring around a twig, branch, or stem.[1] Fin. Swe.
The choking of a branch by a wire, rope or other inflexible material which usually occurs most often in woody stemmed plants that have been tied down too tightly without regard for growth.
The removal of bark by animals or by using a tie that is too tight so preventing the flow of water and nutrients so causing death of growth above the constriction.
Keywords:  bruting, dop, rough, armpit, lathe
The process of shaping the rough stone into its eventual polished shape along the girdle (aka 'Bruting').
Another name for bruting or rounding where the rough stone is rounded and the girdle is formed.
The step in the fashioning process of a diamond in which the stone is given a circular shape. The stone is held in a lathe, or cutting machine, and another diamond, called a sharp, which is affixed to the end of a long dop that is supported by the hands and under an armpit, is brought to bear against the stone behind shaped. An older method consisted merely of rubbing two diamonds together until the desired shape was obtained.