Definitions for "Element type"
a named specification that defines the data type and size for each field of an element
The name that appears in a start, end or empty tag. In the following example there are three elements but only two element types:student firstnameJo/firstname firstnameSephine/firstname /student
the first parameter in the element declaration, names the logical object(s) whose content will be defined in the content model. The name defined in the DTD becomes the generic identifier or tag name of the element when it is marked up in the document instance.
You can use quadrangular and triangular (2D) or prismatic (3D) elements with different number of nodes.
Term used in the XML 1.0 Recommendation, which is equivalent to the notion of element names in W3C XML Schema and shouldn't be confused with the simple or complex datatype of an element.
generic identifier in SGML terminology
the definition of an element, that is, a container for a distinct semantic class of document content.
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a flag that will alter the behavior of an element