Definitions for "Modified"
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a Larry Shaw car purchased from Chico racer Dustin Jenks
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A tournament format that allows use of specific card sets for deck construction. See the Pokémon Floor Rules for a list of the current legal card sets. All promo cards marked with a black star and numbered 001 or higher are also allowed.
A tournament format that allows use of specific card sets for deck construction. See the Tournament Formats document fos a list of current legal card sets. This document can be found on the Tournament Rules and Resources page.
The degree of change which has taken place in the grain during the malting process. The endosperm softens, and enzymes develop. The grain can be said to be 1/4 modified, 1/2 modified, 3/4 modified, or fully modified. Non-fully-modified malts require a protein rest when mashing to break down larger proteins. The vast majority of malts used nowadays are fully modified, so the protein rest is not required.
changed in form or character; "their modified stand made the issue more acceptable"; "the performance of the modified aircraft was much improved"
mode A backup copy group mode that specifies that a file is considered for incremental backup only if it has changed since the last backup. A file is considered changed if the date, size, owner, or permissions have changed. See mode. Contrast with absolute mode.
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This term has several meanings, only a few of which will be mentioned here. (1) Under a modified coinsurance provision in Life Reinsurance, the ceding insurer retains and maintains the entire reserve, with the annual increase in reserve being transferred to the ceding insurer by the reinsurer at the end of the year. (2) Under Preliminary Term Insurance, a modified reserving system permits at least part, if not all, of the first year's net premium on a Life Insurance policy to be used to meet first-year acquisition costs and claim expenses and requires that part of the renewal loading be added to the policy reserve accumulation. (3) Any premium that is altered from the regular premium for similar Life policies, such as the premium for a Modified Life policy.
Modified is the second full-length album by Save Ferris. It was released on October 19, 1999.
A modified blend of multi-polymer compounds containing ingredients such as fillers, pigments or additives that help to vary the physical properties of a plastic material. As opposed to Impact Acrylic, this material is not UV stable.