Definitions for "backup "
Backup adds instant version control to any file on a Unix system. It is a lightweight interface to the Subversion svn_fs library. It uses the powerful version control software as a backend to a simple and minimalistic user interface.
anything kept in reserve to serve as a substitute in case of failure or unavailability of the normal or primary object; -- used for devices, plans, people, etc. Also used attributively; as, there was no backup for the electrical supply; a backup motor; a backup generator.
A copy of a program or data from a computer onto a data-storage medium, usually one that may be removed to safe storage at a distance from the computer; it is used to preserve data for use in the contingency that the original data on the computer may be lost or become unusable. A backup that is removed from the building housing the computer system (to provide protection against loss of data in a disastrous event such as a fire) is called off-site backup. Also used attributively; as, backup copy.
an accumulation, overflow, or reverse flow (in traffic or a liquid flow system) caused by a stoppage or other malfunction.
an accumulation caused by clogging or a stoppage; "a traffic backup on the main street"; "he discovered a backup in the toilet"
Overflow of a plumbing fixture due to drain stoppage
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A ball that curves left to right for a right-hander and right to left for a left-hander.
A ball that breaks in the wrong direction, e.g. to the right for a right-handed bowler.
A ball which curves or 'fades away' to the right for a right hander and vice versa for a left hander.
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That part of a masonry wall behind the exterior facing.
The part of a multi-wythe masonry wall behind the exterior facing.
That part of the masonry wall behind the exterior facing and consisting of one or more widths of thickness of brick or other masonry material.
A ball that rolls away from the pocket. Also called a reverse hook.
a period in which bond yields rise and prices fall, or a sudden reversal in a stock market trend.
Lingo used to indicate a sudden reversal of a market trend. See: Trendline
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BeeJCE BitKeeper books BSOD
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VMS utility -- use only if you have a VMS VAX with FIGARO Version 2.1 or greater
What you do when you run across a skunk in the woods
A process you don't need until you don't do it
a musician or group of musicians accompanying a soloist, whether vocalists or instrumentalists.
a recording of the entire physical mind/body state of any entity (animal, bot, baseline human equivalent, or transapient), created with the intent that it might be replicated at a later date
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'መጠባበቂያ -- Fantaw 20:46, 27 May 2006 (UTC)[ edit
a fully reactive hook which is used as a last resort, as opposed to prods which are used more regularly
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Application Framework : A window whose contents are backed up never becomes invalid, and therefore never needs to be redrawn except at application request.
a person or group of persons serving as reinforcement for another or others; as, the policeman called for backup when he was fired on.
the act of providing approval and support; "his vigorous backing of the conservatives got him in trouble with progressives"
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(n., adj.), back up
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a person the lady works with
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The act or process of creating a backup{5}; as, they performed a full system backup every weekend.
Supporting documentation, for example, what is attached to a Request for Payment or invoice for Accounts Payable's approval.
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someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult); "the star had a stand-in for dangerous scenes"; "we need extra employees for summer fill-ins"
An offer that comes in after an earlier offer is accepted. If both buyer and seller agree, the backup assumes a secondary position, to be acted upon only if the original deal does not go through.
a subordinate musical part; provides background for more important parts
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a great idea
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(noun) The result of backup activity.
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(Recovery Manager User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
Any additional protection that is added to provide support to an anchor.
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backup issues and questions
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Opposite of go forward.
Alternate actions, resources or procedures that are pre-planned for use after an E/I/E/C
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The Backup command takes you back one step in your search.
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an insurance policy
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