Definitions for "Reinforcement"
Any stimulus (pleasant or unpleasant) which increases or maintains behavior over time.
See also Positive Reinforcment, Negative Reinforcement
A term used differently by various theorists to describe how a reinforcer serves to increase the likelihood of a particular behaviour happening again.
Material embedded in the resin of a laminate to provide additional mechanical strength. Typical materials are glass cloth, random glass fibres, paper, and a variety of high-strength plastic fibres.
A fiber which when encapsulated in a polymer resin matrix forms a composite or fiberglass laminate. Also refers to a structural member designed to stiffen a molded part.
A strong material incorporated in a material mass, i.e., a matrix, to improve its mechanical properties. Reinforcements are usually long fivers, chopped fibers, whiskers, particulates, and other forms, made of glass, plastics, metals, and ceramics.
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Steel added to a rigid pavement to reduce the slab size necessary to prevent failure.
AFU uses one # 4 rebar per baluster, two # 3 rebars in top rail and two # 3 rebars in the bottom rail of their standard precast balustrade systems.
Adding strength or bearing capacity to a structural member. Examples include the placing of metal rebar into forms before pouring concrete, or attaching gusset plates at the intersection of multiple members of a truss.
Encouragement or praise given to participants to keep their interest or increase their motivation.
The means by which language which has been presented and practised is fully internalized by the learner. This usually involves plenty of repetition and extra language use.
Employment of praise, repetition, and stimulation of the senses to preserve a person’s memory, capabilities, and level of self-assurance.
The practice of providing positive feedback to an individual or groups of individuals after completion of a particular project or achievement of a particular goal.
Feedback given to learner during and/or after practice.
The positive effects of alcohol, such as its euphoric and anxiety-reducing effects, that help promote continued drinking. Specific neurotransmitters and regions of the brain are implicated in alcohol's reinforcing effects.
information that makes more forcible or convincing; "his gestures provided eloquent reinforcement for his complaints"
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See Reënforcement.
Alternating bands of color in chalcedony (agate). Coined by author to describe a memory aid used to recall the color of a specific gem, i.e. using taste to reinforce sight.
Activities to sustain patientâ€(tm)s memory and cognitive functions.
Reinforcement is prefabricated to high standards of accuracy and robustness. Great care is taken to ensure cover is consistently achieved.
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a group of troops that you send to another village to help protect against an incoming attack
Evolution of enhanced reproductive isolation between populations due to natural selection.
The use of similar and contrasting examples that are used to reinforce learning in basal programs.