Definitions for "Responsiveness"
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How the user perceives the rate of communication with the system .
the degree to which a software system or component has incorporated the user's requirements.
As defined by Jeff Johnson in his book, GUI Bloopers: Don'ts and Do's for Software Developers and Web Designers, is "the software's ability to keep up with users and not make them wait."
the ability of living things to respond to stimuli in the external environment.
faculty to respond to forces.
Generally, a comparative measurement of the time taken to respond to a particular stimulus. The measurement could be concerned with the speed of an IT system response to a User activity but may equally be used to judge the behaviour of an organisation towards, for example, an Incident or Request for Change.
The probability of achieving adequate pain relief with an analgesic without encountering unmanageable side effects.
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A determination that a bid complies with the material requirements of an IFB. The Director determines if a bid is responsive. See Responsive Offeror.
A dimension of service quality that refers to the willingness of the service provider to be helpful and prompt in providing service.
The ability of an instrument to measure differences in health states between individuals and also to measure changes in health states over time experienced by any one individual.
How sensitive an indicator is to a change in the system it represents.
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responsive to stimulation