Definitions for "JeFF"
a great teacher, and he is a nice guy too
a 'regular' guy, and he establishes an instant rapport with everyone
Jeff is a former neighbor and a capital guy. He has a sound system on his patio perfect for playing Tom Waits (esp. the CD "Mule Variations").
Keywords:  icky, bore, pest
(N) a pest, a bore, an icky.
Keywords:  jemmy, fitnesse, fixture, swing, fit
The JeFF project provides a generic Fit fixture for controlling and testing Swing applications. It is based on FIT and Jemmy. JeFF can be used with FIT and with Fitnesse.
Keywords:  genius, ness, bound, technical, earth
Earth Bound and is one of the four main characters. He is the same age as Ness and is the technical genius of the group.
A friend I chose to stop talking to because he was driving me crazy with his negativity.
Keywords:  pcirc, ohiolink, craft, cargo, shipping
Jeff Craft, contact person at OhioLINK for U.S. Cargo and other matters related to PCIRC shipping.
a graduate of this two-year, full-time bookbinding program
a Certified Reverse Speech Investigator and Analyst and is Vice President of Reverse Speech International