Definitions for "Basal"
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Relating to, or forming, the base.
Used to describe the inflorescence when this is produced from the base of the pseudo bulb.
Growth region at the base of a blade. as in grasses.
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A small, steady flow of insulin.
A significant advantage of an insulin pump is the ability to delivery a continuous flow of insulin into your body during the day and when you sleep. Insulin pump users typically set up a Basal Schedule that specifies which doses are applied during different times of the day.
Your body nearly always need a small amount of insulin to hold everything steady, even if you've not eaten food. On injections this is usually provided by the long-acting insulin. A pump gives you a small amount all the time, called the basal rate. You need to find out your own correct basal rate. See also bolus.
The part of a butterfly's wing close to the body.
The basal portion of a lepidopteran wing is the region closest to the point of attachment to the body.
cell carcinoma—a skin cancer that develops in the basal layer of the skin—deeper than the surface layer. It is associated with aging and years of chronic sun exposure. Basal cell carcinoma seldom spreads to other parts of the body, but can be disfiguring if not treated early.
Underside of an encrusting or freely growing colony (Ryland & Hayward, 1977). The basal wall of a zooid is opposite to the frontal wall.
In phylogenetics, basal members of a group diverged earlier than a subgroup of others (or vice versa). It is often used in opposition to the word derived.
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Hypertension Prevalence
the resting or inactive state of a parietal cell in which minimal acid is produced; the tubulovesicular state
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Induction Recurrence
Relating to, situated at, or essential for maintaining the fundamental vital activities of an organism.
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of primary importance; "basic truths"
In test administration, the point at which it can be assumed that the student would receive full credit for all easier test items.
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see leaf page, click here to go to leaf page.
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Occurring at the bottom.
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