Definitions for "Axillary"
Of or pertaining to the axilla or armpit; as, axillary gland, artery, nerve.
Situated in, or rising from, an axil; of or pertaining to an axil.
Pronunciation: (AK-sil-air-ee) Pertaining to the armpit area, including the lymph nodes that are located there.
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Relating to an axil, growing in the axil (of buds)
arising from the axil ( q.v.)
Used to describe the inflorescence when this grows from the leaf axil.
Of or referring to the underarm. Indicates the location of one of the possible incisions for breast enlargement, namely, under the arm.
of or relating to the axil
Of or relating to the underarm.
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Invasive Pulmonary
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with reference to inner base of pectoral or pelvic fin; site of scale-like process called pectoral or pelvic axillary process
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Found in the arm pit
under arm area.
referring to the location of a plant organ in an axil, for example, the axillary inflorescence
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Situated in the axil.
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in or associated with the axis
Keywords:  occurring
occurring in the axils.
Keywords:  originating
originating from axils
of or having to do with the axilla.