Definitions for "Adnate"
Grown to congenitally.
Growing with one side adherent to a stem; -- a term applied to the lateral zooids of corals and other compound animals.
An organ adhering to a contiguous differing one; an anther attached logitudinally to the end of the filament.
Growing together; -- said only of organic cohesion of unlike parts.
a. (L. adnatus, to be born, to grow to) fusion of unlike structures or parts.
Fusion of unlike parts (e.g., fusion of palea to the caryopsis in Bromus).
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Encrusting, closely cemented to the substrate (Pitt & Taylor, 1991).
Keywords:  connate, stamen, petal, fused, kind
fused to an organ of a different kind, e.g. applied to a stamen fused to a petal. cf. connate.