Definitions for "Cordon"
Keywords:  scarp, parapet, coping, beyong, rampart
The coping of the scarp wall, which projects beyong the face of the wall a few inches.
The coping or top course of a scarp or a rampart, sometimes of different colored stone and set proud from the rest of the wall. Designed to keep the wall from weathering. The point where a rampart stops and a parapet begins. An open line of troops surrounding an objective.
A projecting course along the junction of a parapet and scarp forming a junction for the change in building materials and an obstacle to scaling the wall.
Keywords:  pruned, stem, trunk, trellis, grapevine
Plant pruned to a single, main stem
Usually a fruit tree restricted to one main stem by pruning.
That part of the vine that is permanent - that is it to say it is left from year to year, whereas other parts are pruned away.
A cord or ribbon bestowed or borne as a badge of honor; a broad ribbon, usually worn after the manner of a baldric, constituting a mark of a very high grade in an honorary order. Cf. Grand cordon.
The cord worn by a Franciscan friar.
A rich and ornamental lace or string, used to secure a mantle in some costumes of state.
A line or series of sentinels, or of military posts, inclosing or guarding any place or thing.
a line of military (and nowadays also police) posts placed around a district or house etc
Keywords:  gully, fielders, batsman, arc, slips
the arc of fielders behind the batsman on the off side, consisting of the slips and gully.
To form a cordon around an area so as to prevent movement in or out. Used mostly to describe a militaristic action of sealing off an area.