Definitions for "Rampart"
That which fortifies and defends from assault; that which secures safety; a defense or bulwark.
A broad embankment of earth round a place, upon which the parapet is raised. It forms the substratum of every permanent fortification.
To surround or protect with, or as with, a rampart or ramparts.
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Rath Re-entrant
Rampart is an arcade game, released in 1990 by Atari Games, combining the shoot-em-up and puzzle genres. At a time when arcades were beginning to devote themselves more and more to both Final Fight and Street Fighter-style fighting games, Rampart bucked that trend by offering play more reminiscent of the classic ages of arcade gaming. It is also one of the most widely-ported video games in existence, with versions for most contemporary systems.
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describes a beast or monster standing on one hind leg.
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Solar Spiral stairway
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a mound of stones which forms a barrier against attack