Definitions for "Mound"
Keywords:  hill, pitcher, heap, baseball, burial
An artificial hill or elevation of earth; a raised bank; an embarkment thrown up for defense; a bulwark; a rampart; also, a natural elevation appearing as if thrown up artificially; a regular and isolated hill, hillock, or knoll.
A soil absorption system that is elevated above the natural soil surface utilizing suitable fill material, horizontal perforated distribution pipes, and standpipes.
An elevation formed of earth, sand, or stones that may be natural or artificial.
Epigeal structure composed of galleries, cells and capping constructed by many members of Termitidae (Coaton, 1953); see termitarium.
Keywords:  inclose, fortify
To fortify or inclose with a mound.
A ball or globe forming part of the regalia of an emperor or other sovereign. It is encircled with bands, enriched with precious stones, and surmounted with a cross; -- called also globe.
a plant having a massive form, that is full to the ground.
the spoil excavated from a ditch upon which hedges were often planted.
irregularly shaped projection with one or more facets. Mounds can be extensions of the bulk material or various forms of contamination, or both. A high density of mounds can also appear as haze.
Keywords:  twigs, pine, bark, things, decayed
a collection of leaves, pine needles, bark and twigs as well as these things in partially decayed form
a way to describe how I organize things
a feature that forms after years and sometimes generations of repeated use of fires by primitive man
A raised defect on the surface of a wafer measuring more than 0.25 mm.
Keywords:  laid, collection, objects, top
a collection of objects laid on top of each other
Keywords:  way, organize, information
a way that I organize information