Definitions for "Burial"
A grave; a tomb; a place of sepulture.
The act of burying; depositing a dead body in the earth, in a tomb or vault, or in the water, usually with attendant ceremonies; sepulture; interment.
the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave
Burial is an album by Death In June, released in 1984.
Burial is the working name of an anonymous musician from London working in the genre of dubstep. His eponymous debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim, including being named as Album of the Year in The Wire magazine.
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To attend the burial of a relative, if the sun is shining on the procession, is a sign of the good health of relations, and perhaps the happy marriage of some one of them is about to occur. But if rain and dismal weather prevails, sickness and bad news of the absent will soon come, and depressions in business circles will be felt A burial where there are sad rites performed, or sorrowing faces, is indicative of adverse surroundings or their speedy approach. See Funeral.
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Term used to describe disposal, authorised under RSA93 with suitable limits and conditions, for some solid LLW in landfill sites with good containment characteristics; effectively a means of disposal of LLW of activity below indicative levels for Drigg (synonymous with "special precautions burial")
(or final expense insurance) is whole life insurance with small face values ($5,000 to $25,000), a simple application process, and hassle-free underwriting.
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a journey into the better world in Mexico
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concealing something under the ground